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Tobaritch! from the original Russian name Toварищ!™ is the Premium Vodka by excellence, a five times distilled authentic vodka from Russia. One of the main strength of Tobaritch! Premium Russian Vodka is its combination of high quality 100% organic product and the price positioning among the low-premium vodkas.

The origins of Toварищ!™ Premium Russian Vodka go back about 300 years when the ambassador for the Order of Malta to the Czarina Catherine II (1762-1796), Count Jule Rene Litta had the opportunity to discover and further develop the secrets of vodka with the master distillers of the Imperial Court. Based on aristocratic tradition and following his instinct he decided to create his own recipe for a perfectly smooth vodka. The recipe stayed in the Litta family as a well kept secret over generations until 1998, when the Marquis Eugenio Litta Modignani, a descendant of Jules Rene Litta decided to launch Toварищ!™ Premium Russian Vodka following his ancestor’s recipe.

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The final product is a Premium Authentic Russian Vodka five times distilled, twenty times filtered through a special combination of birch charcoal and silver and bottled in the Saint Petersburg area.

The outstanding quality of Toварищ!™ Premium Russian Vodka’s ingredients and the rigorous quality controls are key to achieve excellence. The water used to produce Tobaritch! Premium Russian Vodka comes to form a proprietary well in the Saint Petersburg region. The water is perfectly crystal clear, naturally filtered through layers of years old Ordovician rock. The organic grain comes from the Volga region, Russia’s southwest.

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